Someone paid the Living Desert to bestow a baby giraffe with the name ‘Giraffe’

(Living Desert)
(Living Desert)

A recent fundraising gala at The Living Desert raised more than $800,000 for the zoo and gardens. Part of the fundraising involved people bidding to name a baby giraffe. The winning bidder, whose bid amount was not disclosed, chose the most basic name possible.

“We selected the name Twiga because it means giraffe in Swahili,” Candi Holzgrafe, the winning bidder is quoted as saying in a press release.

And while it is very nice of kind people like Candi to to contribute money to a cool place like the Living Desert, I am not sure how Twiga feels about having such a basic name (I am assuming, of course, that Twiga’s giraffe parents speak Swahili and Twiga will know soon).

I would feel the same way if the wife wanted to name our baby Binadamu – which Google translate tells me is Swahili for human.