Uh oh, those free drinks in Vegas might not be around much longer

Sure, Las Vegas usually ends up taking all of your money – let’s face it, they aren’t able to build those huge casinos by paying out a lot of winners – but, at least you get those free drinks right? Well, maybe not much longer.

You know the deal when it comes to Vegas booze: if a cocktail server sees you gambling, they will offer you a drink. Not a bad deal, though that drink may end up costing a fortune if you are gambling big and having a bad day. While this has pretty much been the way things work since the beginning of casinos in the city, this system may not be around much longer.

Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts are experimenting with a new technology where they track how much people are gambling and, as the LA Times notes, will then only offer free drinks to those who gamble enough cash:

Caesars has installed indicator lights on the rear of video poker machines at sports bars in all nine of its properties on or near the Strip. Guests have to wager a certain amount on each hand for the “green” light to flash. Only then will bartenders serve free booze. Lower bidders have to pay if they want a splash of wine or a cocktail.

A Caesars statement describes the new policy as a “comp validation system.” The company says it enables it “to offer complimentary beverages to those gamers who choose max play at our video poker bar top units.”

Some games at MGM even print out a free drink ticket once you hit a certain level.

For now, they are only testing the free booze for play system on machines at a few video poker bars.  But, seeing as how Vegas is looking to make as much from you as possible, you should probably expect the program to expand over the next few years – at which point it might just be best to pregame in your room a bit before heading out or buy one of those ridiculous gigantic yards of margarita to walk around with all day.