Uh Oh. NFL Stadium Busted Watering Down Beer

Beer Drinker

Drinking a beer at an NFL stadium is crazy expensive – but it is football and football needs beer. So you buy it anyway.

Here’s the thing. Even though you are paying 10 bucks a beer, at least one NFL stadium appears to be screwing you over more than you know.

The team at KOMO News did a fine piece of journalism this week by investigating the alcohol content at Seahawks games (and soccer games) at CenturyLink Field and found the beer there to be watered down.

In two different undercover trips, the “Problem Solvers” collected samples of draft beer from concession stands and then dropped them off at a lab to be tested. Here were the results:

Stella Artois:
5.0% advertised ABV
4.8% tested

Bud Light:
4.2% advertised
3.9% tested

Redhook Brewery No Equal:
5.2% advertised
4.8% tested

5.2% advertised
4.7% tested

Bass Pale Ale:
5.1% advertised
4.5% tested

5.0% advertised
4.4% tested

And why?  Well, one fan summed it up best:

“It’s money, man. Greed. Same thing as everybody else. What makes the world go around? Money,” said James Walker.

Alcohol providers are prohibited by federal law from selling beer that is less than 0.3% below the advertised content.