Video: Local 2 news team have odd reactions to amazing summer advice

Stunned Local 2

Tuesday’s 11pm Local 2 newscast finished with some pretty solid advice for surviving summer in the Coachella Valley from anchor Brooke Beare – who even took the time to cite her amazing, insightful, and hilarious source. As for everyone else on the broadcast, well…

A recap below, but first here is the clip:

Ice cream for breakfast! Genius, I know.

Brooke, obviously, gets it. But the real pleasure in watching the clip is the reactions from the fellas on the desk – who have clearly never heard such solid advice – when she mentions the Cactus Hugs’ meal plan to start your hot day.

There is everything from stunned…

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 2.34.52 PM

…to scared (possibly anger)…


And all while Kris Long morphed into Popeye:

popeye face 2

Basically, it was all pretty great.

So be sure and watch Local 2 from now on as they are clearly our choice for Coachella Valley TV news…well, at least until someone else is smart enough to pander to Cactus Hugs for some free pub.