VIDEO: ‘Storage Wars’ Cast Gets into Brawl in Palm Springs

storage wars fight

Things got a little crazy during a “Storage Wars” shoot in Palm Springs last week.

A bit of a brawl erupted during the bidding of a storage locker, as TMZ reports:

The brawl broke out Friday afternoon while the cast was shooting in Palm Springs. Dan Dotson was holding an auction when according to witnesses … he missed a bid placed by Mary.

We’re told producers asked Dave Hester to tell Dan about the mistake, but Dan initially ignored him. When Dave approached again … Dan got heated and screamed, “F**k you, David! I’m going to kill you!”

That’s when the melee erupted — we’re told Dave punched Dan in the face … then Dan raked Dave’s eye. Dan’s wife, Laura, jumped on Dave’s back, and then SHE got tossed through the air! Security guards eventually broke it up, and we’re told Dave immediately wanted to get back to the auction.

Production was halted and the producers of the show booted Hester from the area. He ended up going to the hospital for a tetanus shot.

Here is the video:

Dan Dotson, the auctioneer on the show later posted this to Facebook:

Everything is fantastic. Laura & I appreciate all of the love. A little sore bruised & scratched up, but overall, we're…

Posted by Dan And Laura Dotson on Saturday, June 20, 2015