‘Vroom vroom’ ruining the Bump and Grind for hikers with impeccable hearing


KMIR reported Monday on the “jarring noises” that is “aggravating” hikers on the Bump and Grind in a story that is pretty much all you need to know about the people who you will typically find on the Palm Desert / Rancho Mirage trail.

The Bump and Grind, which is usually frequented by douchebags talking on their speakerphone or blasting their music instead of wearing headphones (while they cut you off because they are such a badass that they run down the trail, even though they only walk up it – and will soon turn their ankle because everyone who runs down a trail eventually does), has its trailhead just a stone’s throw away from the Palm Desert R/C Raceway – a small track that hosts radio-controlled car events every so often.

Events that hikers are having none of.

“During your meditative walk, all you hear is vroom vroom,” one hiker told the TV station.

Another hiker talked weighed in on the physics of the small vehicles.

“They [remote controlled cars] jump over the hills and they flip upside down,” Carol Columbus said. “Then they flip back again and keep going.”


The majority of the Bump and Grind winds up a hill far, far away from the track, but it looks like those with amazing hearing are bothered enough by the sound to call the local television station to complain – probably from their speakerphone as they cut someone off on the trail.