Vulgar Personalized California Plate Freaks Out San Jose Residents

Offensive License Plate San Jose

The state of California has rules and regulations to make sure that personalized license plates are not issued that would offend anyone – but occasionally one sneaks through.

Case in point, a license plate spotted by a KPIX 5 TV reporter in San Jose in Vietnamese that (even though slightly misspelled) translates to  “F**k Your Mother”.

When confronted, the driver of the car hilariously proclaims that it is “an innocent phrase” meant to say “I love your mother” – which is totally believable.

Because they like angering strangers out and about, the KPIX 5 crew than went around showing a picture of the offensive license plate to random people on the streets of San Jose (which has a large Vietnamese population) – who were either appalled or thought it was hilarious.

Officials were alerted and the state is now in the process of recalling the license plate.