Welp, it looks like jury duty is coming back to Riverside County again

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the closure of many things that we miss badly, it also has meant that everyone has had a break from being called to jury duty – but, friend, those days are nearly over.

The Riverside Superior Court will return to summoning jurors for criminal trials starting in mid-June. And while there will be jury duty and trials once again, officials say only a limited number of trials will start in a couple of weeks, with cases with constitutional and statutory timeframes approaching having priority.

if you are called, here are the safety measures being taken at the courthouse:

• Requiring face coverings for all who enter into a court facility;
• Reconfiguring jury assembly rooms, courtrooms and lobbies to allow for social distancing;
• Calling in jurors only when a case is ready to proceed to trial and at staggered time intervals to reduce the number of jurors reporting at the same time;
• Having prospective jurors complete an online availability form prior to reporting for service in order to minimize the number of jurors reporting to the courtroom for jury selection; and
• Implementing heightened cleaning protocols that include daily sanitation of common and high-traffic areas.

So, if you happen to receive a summons in the mail, do not discard it. Rather check in with the county’s juror portal for info and maybe check out our tips on jury duty in Indio before you go.