What Will Robbie Knievel Jump Over in Palm Springs Saturday?


Robbie Knievel is coming back to the Coachella Valley to jump his motorcycle over something this Saturday. But what should that something be?

Spa Resort Casino, who is hosting Knievel’s jump has been very secretive with details about the jump. So far, all we really know is that Knievel will not be jumping his bike over Barry Manilow:

And while a jump over the singer-songwriter would have been amazing, it is just not going to happen.

Last time Knievel was in The Coachella Valley (at Spotlight 29), his jump was over a couple of Pepsi trucks because, well why not I supppose?  So, in addition to Barry, we know that is probably out.

So what will it be? Could it be the rubble from the torn down Spa Hotel? Perhaps it will be the piles and piles of “consulting money” the mayor of Palm Springs has been paid? Or maybe, there is a huge clue that we have been overlooking:

Very #PalmSprings eh? Hmmmm.  Well, I am guessing it is not a bunch of mean old people, pretentious modernism fans, or Canadians – so really the only thing left that is “very #PalmSprings” is the Palm Springs Buzz buses.  So, I have my money on that.

What do you think it will be?  Leave your guesses in the comments.