Why Go to Stagecoach When You Can Watch it in This Living Room?

Yee ha! The Stagecoach Country Music Festival is on the way to The Empire Polo Club April 25-27.  But with all the country music, partiers, and BBQ comes big crowds.  No worries, just watch the dang thing in this amazing living room!

A Craigslist ad is asking for cowboys and cowgirls to join up for some beers (or “whatever”) and some music:

Stagecoach Living Room

The Craigslist posting reads:

Seeking friends, male or female or couples, who enjoy Country Music as I do. Dish Network has a feed for 6 hours per night starting at 5 pm for each night – Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 24-26.

I have Dish, a great sound system and do not want to watch alone. We can have drinks (BYOB) or whatever and enjoy the music.


But it is not about the text.  It is all about that picture!  I can count at least 6 awesome things about that living room that will have you clamoring to be there for Stagecoach weekend!

Stagecoach Living Room 2

  1. They keep a giant clock right above the TV – which means no one at this party will be bothering anyone by asking what time it is.
  2. OMG!  What is in that room?  It could be anything: a private entrance to Gilley’s, a rodeo arena, Margaritaville…the only way to know is to go!
  3. Yes!  A jar of peanut butter right next to the couch at all times, even when you are taking a picture for the internet!
  4. There is also some of whatever snack this is left!
  5. Universal remotes are so lame.  Having at least 5 of them is so much more convenient.
  6. Easy to access lighter…even though you are not going to need it, because this party is going to be on fire!!!

So forget about buying those local’s only wristbands and mosey on over to this living room for Stagecoach weekend.

Yee ha!