Woman Loses Her Mind Over Market Selling Raccoon Meat

(screengrab /YouTube)


A SoCal Asian supermarket in Temple City may now be in a bit of trouble after one woman completely lost her shit after seeing a dead raccoon for sale in the frozen foods section.

Christina Dow uploaded the video she filmed Monday in a “sick-ass fuckin’ store” (her words) and begged her Facebook friends to share the video…and they did.


Because I know you are curious, the raccoons were apparently sold for $9.99 per pound. One particular raccoon was sold for roughly $54. So, yup…now you know how much raccoon meat goes for.

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Health inspectors showed up Tuesday and promptly took the dead raccoons from the store reports The LA Times.

According to The Los Angeles County Public Health Department, a raccoon would be considered a “game animal” and can not be sold under the California Health and Safety Code.