Woman suffers serious head injury after set decoration in Coachella Sahara Tent falls on her

(image courtesy of Coachella)

A woman was hospitalized after one of the giant decorative pieces fell on her inside the Sahara Tent on Sunday night during Coachella.

Cal Fire confirmed to KESQ that the woman was taken to the hospital with a “serious head injury.” A friend of the woman, identified as Caroline, told the TV station that the 24-year-old Los Angeles resident was unconscious for several minutes and there was “a lot of blood” after she was struck. The friend said that Caroline underwent brain surgery and is currently in the ICU in Palm Springs on seizure watch.

A tweet from a festival goer with video from inside the tent posted on Sunday stated: “One of the white balloon props that hang from the top of the tent got loose and plowed this chick into the ground that was standind right next to us…

It goes on to say that the woman “buster her head straight open with blood everywhere.”

A Reddit thread about the incident has testimonials from over a dozen people said they saw the event or helped to find medical staff. According to user nzsupreme, who was apparently also struck by the ball, it was the metal bracket holding the ball to the overall structure that ended up striking the woman.

Another user, Heywhatsup2866, said that she is a friend of Caroline and “she is conscious and surrounded by family” at the hospital.