You Are Working…A Lot

Work chair

Every year on the first Monday in September, America celebrates Labor Day – a holiday designated to salute the achievements of American workers. Of course, you won’t be able to actually enjoy or celebrate the day – as you are scheduled to work, because you are always scheduled to work.

Gallup released a new poll on Friday, and it shows that you work…a lot. According to the poll, American workers average 47 hours a week at the job. Dolly Parton is a liar.

Of full time employees, 2 out of 5 work at least 50 hours a week and almost 1 in 5 work more than 60 hours a week.  And you might want to think twice about taking a salaried position over an hourly job, as salaried employees work an average of 49 hours a week, compared with 44 hours for people paid by the hour. One in four salaried workers said they spend 60 or more hours a week on the job.

So Happy Labor Day to you…now get back to work already!