Yelpers Freak Out Over Rats on Ceiling of a Palm Springs Restaurant

Trio is generally considered one of the better places to get your grub on in Palm Springs.  They have a good happy hour, pretty tasty grub, and overall their Yelp rating is a solid 4 stars.

Which makes it surprising that recently a few unfavorable reviews started popping up, all with the same theme:

yelp trio 3

Yes, there was a a rat problem…

trip yelp 1

And if you give Yelpers a chance to freak out, they will…

yelp trio 2

Owners of the restaurant told The Desert Sun that it was a one time incident caused by an overgrown palm tree breaking holes in the roof for rats to enter and the problem has been taken care of – and one of the owners of the establishment took to Trip Advisor and offered a sincere apology:

trip trip advisor

Stay in business long enough and you are bound to have a few bad things out of your control happen.  I have always enjoyed Trio and I am willing to accept them at their word and chalk it up to bad luck and not incompetence or negligence. I hope you do to.