If you like burritos…and I mean really, really like burritos…2017 is looking like your year.

Zobo & Meester’s, which is a rad breakfast / lunch place you should really check out (I recommend the Cubano), now has what they are calling the El Jefe challenge. The El Jefe is a breakfast burrito normally made to be eaten by six to ten people, but if you can devour the whole thing by yourself in under 60 minutes, you get it for free and a $100 gift card to come back for more.

They will also put your mug up on the Wall of Fame for everyone to admire.

Zobo & Meester’s made the announcement on Facebook (below), where they mentioned that the El Jefe is filled with refried beans, country potatoes, breakfast meat of your choice, cheddar/jack cheese, and eggs. According to the restaurant, the burrito comes out to be about a pound each of tortilla, beans, potatoes, cheese, meat, and eggs.

Good luck.

Update: Someone has already conquered that huge ass burrito!

Zobo & Meester’s, 68703 Perez Rd., Cathedral City, (760) 832-6104

(H/T Jaime)