10 Questions I have for Coachella Valley Wind-Up

Coachella Valley Wind-Up Tickets Sell Out Fast

Coachella Valley Wind-Up Tickets Sell Out Fast

Coachella Valley Wind-Up, to everyone’s surprise, has been cancelled. Now, Here are some questions:

  1. Does Snoop know yet?  Seriously, has anyone told him?  I would hate for him to be hanging out in an empty parking lot in April.
  2. Is Snoop already paid for?  and…
  3. If yes, can he play my house party that weekend instead?
  4. Is Ashton Kutcher going to jump out of a van or hidden room at some point?
  5. Why for a series of concerts that were designed to attract people from out of the Coachella Valley, did you promote it only with billboards in the Coachella Valley?
  6. Speaking of which, WHY SO MANY DAMN BILLBOARDS???
  7. Can the venue accommodate a Martin Lawrence concert?
  8. Did any celebrities actually confirm that they would be at the “Celebrity After Parties“?
  9. Was this really just a reality show version of “The Producers“?
  10. How many tickets were sold?  I AM DYING TO KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS!!!!

Anyone from Coachella Valley Wind-Up can feel free to answer any or all of these questions in the comments below.