5 things that happen in Palm Springs every time it rains

It does not rain often in The Coachella Valley (it is a desert after all), but when Mother Nature does decide to bless Palm Springs with a little precipitation you can always expect to see these 5 things happen:

Auto Zone Gets Slammed

wiper blades

There is nothing more thrilling than waiting for the last possible second to replace those disintegrated wiper blades.

People Get Weird


Why does someone who lives in the desert own a kayak (or giant inflatable swan)? So they can get on tv for 20 seconds!

Everyone (But You) Forgets How to Drive

flooded road

Clearly, those flooded road signs are merely a suggestion.

Your News Feed Becomes 100% “Sprinkles on the Windshield” Pics

Thank you so much everyone for breaking the law for that earth-shattering photo!

Everyone Attempts to Wear All of Their Winter Clothes at One Time

Might as well, you won’t get to break them out again for another 10 months.

Enjoy the rain while it lasts and be careful out there.

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