Andy Samberg is set to film a movie in Palm Springs

Andy Samberg, best known for Saturday Night Live and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will film a movie in Palm Springs over a three week period. It’s one of 15 movies announced on Monday that will film in California thanks to an estimated $73 million in tax credits being doled out by California Film Commission.

The Hollywood Reporter has the details on all fifteen flicks, which includes Space Jam 2 with LeBron James (though that one will be filmed elsewhere in California).

This won’t be the first time Sandberg has filmed in the Coachella Valley – as his HBO tennis film 7 Days in Hell with Jon Snow, errr Kit Harrington was filmed here in 2015. Not many details about Samberg’s Palm Springs movie are known right now, but he is excited to film in California.

“I’m thrilled to be shooting in my home state of California,” said Samberg. “Not only was I born and raised here, but, as everyone knows, the California Raisins were a major creative influence, which I think will definitely rub off on this production.”

Just a guess here, but the movie just might end up being a tad bit better than Palm Swings and Christmas in Palm Springs.