¡Aye yai yai! Palm Springs English-Only Restaurant: “Sorry”, Reverses Policy

(via Google Maps)
(via Google Maps)

¡Viva el Español!

Less than 24 hours after news surfaced that Billy Reed’s restaurant in Palm Springs had instituted an “English Only” policy for employees, the restaurant has apologized and cancelled the rule. ¡Aye yai yai!

“We are very sorry that we offended anybody. We regret it and we want to move forward,” David Scott, General Manager of Billy Reed’s told KESQ.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 12.08.29 PM
Note left requiring employees to only speak English – “exept ” proper grammar obviously not required (screengrab via KESQ)


The policy was instituted after customers complained to management that they believed the employees of the restaurant were talking shit about them in a language they did not understand. Sounds like a fun bunch of people to serve dinner to.