Body Discovered in Indio Identified as ‘Godfather of BMX’, Scot Breithaupt

Scot Breihaupt

Scot Alexander Breithaupt, a National BMX Hall of Famer, was found Saturday dead in a tent on an empty lot in Indio on Saturday.

Indio police confirmed Breithaupt’s identity on Sunday night. “We believe that is the same person — that he is a founder of BMX. … That is the same guy,” Indio Sgt. Dan Marshal told The Desert Sun.

We are sad to report that "The Godfather of BMX" Scot Breithaupt has passed away. As one of the sport's first track…

Posted by National BMX Hall of Fame on Sunday, July 5, 2015

Breithaupt, of La Quinta, had been dead for an unknown amount of time at the southwest corner of LasPalmas Road and Monroe Street. A person had noticed the body on Saturday night an called the cops.

Police are investigating – though there does not appear to be any signs of foul play.

A post on the website FatBMX in 2012 details Breithaupt’s attempt to sell one of his bikes and details his struggles with cancer, courts, addiction, and finances:

It’s been a LONG 18 months fighting Cancer, two surgeries, 6 treatments, 9 melanomas removed, chemo and radiation… By the Grace of my higher power, I am CANCER FREE! BUT, I did NOT have insurance and owe ungodly AMOUNTS…

Also I’ve been fighting the State of Ca. and CDC …Good news is I went to court with the CA Dept Corrections and Parole for BOGUS violations and WON! Judge even said I had the basis for a civil suit $.. but that takes YEARS… I am NO LONGER an N Number and am COMPLETLEY FREE, NO PAROLE!

Six Years clean, Cancer free, and at the bottom of bottoms! I’m starting over…tHRU TRUSTING OTHERS TO MANAGE MY AFFAIRS WHILE SICK… I’M BROKE, LOST HOME… bottomline, I’m homeless and want to make a deal ASAP with someone for my last Factory Pro Bike I raced…… I need a roof over my head.. It’s ready to ship….

Breithaupt is considered by many to be the founder of “Old School BMX”.  He was 57-years-old.