Clingy Boyfriend Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Follow His Girlfriend on Spring Break

azel prather

It is Spring Break time and college students are traveling far and wide to get their party on (just not to Palm Springs). One man was so worried about what his girlfriend would do on Spring Break in Miami without him that he turned to the internet for help.

Azel Prather from Maryland posted the following on a GoFundMe page:

Greetings people! As you know, spring break is fastly approaching and my youngin (pictured above) and her friends are going to Miami. If you know anything about Miami, you know that she shouldn’t go without a chaperone. I need to get there to be with her and share this joyous time but my funds have been exhausted. We have a great thing going and I would hate to see it go down the drain for a little sand and sun. If you can find it in your heart to donate ANYTHING to help save my relationship I would greatly appreciate it. I just need a round trip flight. I will be staying wherever she lays her head, eating whatever she eats, and overseeing all parties and fun activitiy for the duration of the trip. I thank you in advance. Please fellas, I love her.

Thanks and God Bless,

Azel Prather Jr.

And what did this clingy, jealous boyfriend get after asking for handouts? Handouts.

He raised over $300 and updated his page to show that he was currently on Spring Break with his lady:

Thabks again for all the support! Love is in the air! To all the hateful comments, I’ll pray for all of you. God Bless, we’re good over here!

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