Coachella Weekend Two, Saturday: They didn’t forget about Dre

Cactus Hugs is at Coachella Weekend Two and will posting periodic recaps, updates, and musings.

Dr. Dre was at Weekend Two! Finally, a special guest on the second weekend of Coachella.

I have never seen so many damn people surrounding the main stage than for Ice Cube’s set Saturday night. They say Coachella capacity is 90,000 people – but I swear it was actually 2.9 million. While everyone might have been hoping for a repeat of Weekend One – including a Snoop Dogg surprise – they got something that was even cooler: Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre!

While Dre did not join in on any classic N.W.A. tracks, hearing “California Love” and “Still D.R.E.” was rad and one of this year’s coolest moments.

Some other things:

  • Ice Cube’s set also saw a giant inflatable duck being tossed about in the crowd – meaning someone made sure to buy a giant inflatable duck, transport the giant inflatable duck to Indio, bring their giant inflatable duck through security, blow up their giant inflatable duck once inside the venue, then tossing their giant inflatable duck into the crowd knowing they will never see it again.  That is one way to do Coachella, I suppose.
  • No matter how packed the front of the stage area is, there will always be a group of jerks who push their way to the front halfway into the set, only to push their way back out 2 songs later.
  • I have tried and tried and tried to like Heinekin, but it is just not very good.  Thank God for this place:

  • Speaking of beer, the Coachella shuttle system is legit and worth every penny.  Never a long wait, cool drivers, routes that make sense, and it takes plenty of drunk and buzzed drivers off Coachella Valley roads.  If only regular Coachella Valley public transit existed like this.
  • Met a guy who told me what a great deal on a room he got: only $43 a night…in Yucca Valley.
  • This:

  • This might be a cooler art piece for downtown Palm Springs than Forever Marilyn.  Just sayin’.

  • If you have decided not to shower during Coachella weekend, for whatever reason, please do not wear a tank top and PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!
  • Being on stage in front of this many people has to be surreal: