Coachella Weekend Two, Sunday: The last day is always the hardest day

(photo: Kristen Dolan)
(photo: Kristen Dolan)

3 days of non-stop music, partying, sun, and winds takes its toll.

Walking across the what-used-to-be-grass fields on Sunday was tricky – as, not only did you have to avoid stepping on all the bottles people were too lazy to throw in the recycle bin, but there was also a minefield of bodies of those who didn’t pace themselves correctly to make it through the 3 day fest.

Passed out coachella

I am sure the food and merch vendors make a good deal of cash at Coachella – but, I really think a potential goldmine is an air conditioned “nap tent” filled with comfy beds that you can rent by the hour.

Your move, Goldenvoice.

Some other things:

  • Stop your video recording and put your phone down.  No one wants to see your blurry, shaky video of Matt and Kim – plus, you are blocking our view. Put your phone away and take in the moment.
  • Seeing the bands you know is always cool, but discovering kick ass acts you did not not much about before is the best.  For me, that was The Heavy this year.
  • Learned this nifty trick if you need to find your friends.  While plenty of Coachella attendees bring along a totem of some kind (which then also block your view), all you really need to do is shine your flashlight into a water bottle to alert your group of where you are…well, at least until everyone else learns this trick and it gets confusing.

IMG_9056 2

  • Sia’s performance was as advertised: groundbreaking and stunning.  Definitely a performance that will be remembered by fans for a long time.
  • Like all fast food, Coachella food is not as good as advertised.  Example: here is the photo Buzzfeed included on their Coachella fest food post:

  • And here is the actual sandwich I was served:

Coachela sandwich

  • It was ok. Not bad. Not great.  It was $15.
  • The crowd really seemed to enjoy Chris Stapleton, a country artist, as he did a 50 minute set in a pretty packed Gobi tent on Sunday night.  Nice of Coachella to offer a bit of everything this year.

  • A puppy!  At Coachella!!
Puppy Coachella
(image: Kristen Dolan)
  • It really has been a pretty incredible couple of weekends.  But, all good things must come to an end (usually with a long, long commute).  Now bring on the cowboys and cowgirls.