Sounds like Damon Wayans’ show at Spotlight 29 could have gone better

Damon Wayans appeared at Spotlight 29 Casino on Saturday night to perform stand-up comedy. It does not sound like things went all that well.

As Bruce Fessier of The Desert Sun recaps, Wayans did what sounds like some really topical jokes about Mike Tyson, Bill Cosby, O.J. Simpson, and Michael Jackson – then moved on to some other really super- current jokes from his 1995 movie “Major Payne.” Then, according to Fessier, things got weird:

Then a woman started heckling him. After trying to ignore her, he asked a man she was with what she was upset about. Her companion said it was his comments about Michael Jackson.

“Is she Mrs. Jackson,” Wayans replied.


“Then tell her to shut the (bleep) up. That joke was 20 minutes ago.”

The woman continued to confront Wayans and the comedian called on casino security to escort the woman out.  But, according to Fessier, it was too little too late:

Wayans couldn’t resume his very funny bit as the drunken homeless person, Anton Jackson, so he asked the audience what character they wanted him to do. Appropriately, he fulfilled a request to play Homey D. Clown.

After he uttered the classic line, “Homey don’t play that,” he ended his show early.

Tickets to the concert went for $30 and $40 – surely, everyone who paid for tickets to the show left thrilled.