Whoa. The local news got super weird Thanksgiving night

What were you doing Thanksgiving night? Odds are you were shopping, crying over yet another Cowboys loss, or passed out with a belly full of turkey – which meant you were not watching Local 2’s 10 p.m. live segment from the Westfield Palm Desert Mall, where things got super weird.

What starts as a segment on Black Friday shopping at the center takes a bad turn when someone (we are guessing dude with the man bun seen early in the report or, perhaps, this evil thing) says a barely audible, “FHRITP” while Joe Galli is attempting to throw it to video (side note: the FHRITP phenomenon is over, let’s move on people).

Galli, for his part, is not having any of it. He immediately responds with a, “That’s exactly what I did with your mother, Buddy.” Galli then mentions how “classy” the act was before he throws to the story.  Also, he did not update us on his #LOTD.

Can’t really blame Galli for getting a little pissed at the guy – though he probably could have used a better comeback or maybe he should have just gone full Steve Kuzj on him.

UPDATE 7:33 p.m.: Joe Galli reads Cactus Hugs and is clearly honored to be featured in this article.

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