What is the Deal with Hidden Cash Coachella Valley?

Perhaps you have heard of Twitter’s Hidden Cash – a nice, one percenty fella who roams around the country and hides cash for us poorer folk.  While this guy has doled out some money in San Francisco, LA, New York, and Vegas – he has decided to skip The Coachella Valley (perhaps because it is a gazillion degrees?)  But fear not, some nice human being has taken it upon themselves to give Coachella Valley residents a chance to earn some free dough:

Only one problem:

No problem there, when you are offering free money…people will find you! So on with the show!

First Clue Time!!!

Oh my God! I know where that is, but it is 20 minutes away and I am sure someone will find it first

Or maybe not…so I should head out?

Crap someone found it. But I am going to get the next one!

Whoa…calm down there needy.

Yes! I am on my way.

…or not, kinda creepy – but at least this is still fun right?

Oh no.

Oh dear.

In fact…that has been it as far as hidden cash treasure hunts. I hope everything is ok, I just had no idea these things were so depressing.