A Palm Desert 4th of July

Fireworks Palm Springs Palm Desert

One of the best times of the entire year is here: It is the 4th of July and you are ready to celebrate in beautiful Palm Desert, California.  Feeling as patriotic as you are, you head to Palm Desert Civic Center Park to watch the fireworks.  Now, you just have to find a parking space first. Wait, there’s one!


Bad Parking

Crap…oh well. I will just park over there…

Bad Parking 2

Damn. Wait, I see a great spot

Bad Parking 3

Oh My God…can’t anyone park right in this town? Forget it, I will just pull out of the parking lot and take the first spot I see…I mean how far can it be?

Long Walk

Finally, I am here and man, it is a little crowded



Holy cow is there a lot of old people

old peps

And wow is it hot!

Seriously, this is crazy!!

But it is all ok…because there are hot dogs

And there are fireworks

And, best of all I am celebrating America!

Because it is always celebrating The 4th of July (even if it is hotter than the surface of the sun)

(photos by Rob Golver, Paul Sullivan, Amanda, Timo Newton-Syms, James Crimland via CC)