Democrats believe that Raul Ruiz might be vulnerable in the next election

Congressman Raul Ruiz appears on the list of 19 incumbents who the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee believe will need extra help to win reelection in 2018, as Republicans attempt to drive him (and his terrible sedan) out of office.

Ruiz, who beat Jeff Stone (and his weird beard) by 24 points in 2016 – but, according to the Press Enterprise, the next election could be much closer.

Why might the DCCC see Ruiz as vulnerable? One in five voters in Ruiz’s 36th Congressional District is not registered with any political party. A Republican who consolidates GOP voters in the district and pulls in enough independents could have a path to victory, especially if Democratic turnout is lower than previous years.

No word yet on who the Republican challenger to Ruiz might be in 2018.  But, if they hope to have any chance to win, they better be broken down on the side of Highway 111 right now.