Elderly couple at Ludacris concert (!) bust out some sick dance moves


An elderly couple attending a Ludacris concert in Virgina recently put on a hell of a show for the crowd as the showed off some pretty sweet dance moves. Yes, you read that correctly.

Nick and Emma Nichols busted out their moves to “Tipsy” by J-Kwon before the concert much to the crowd’s delight.

“If it’s got a beat,” Nick told FOX 13, “we’re in the street.”

WXIA caught up with the couple, who have been together for 48 years. Nick was the one who was into dancing at first and quickly got Emma into it as well.  They told the TV station that they like to show off their moves in public to let everyone know that good marriages do exist.

“When they see us dancing, they see what we feel. They see the love on the floor and how close we are together,” said Nick.