Where do you go in the Coachella Valley for late night food?

Where do you go for grub late at night in the Coachella Valley?


It is after 10 pm and you are hungry. In Los Angeles or New York, this would not be a problem. But, in the sleepy, old Coachella Valley, you are not going to find many options – even though a ton of people that work hard all night in hospitality are getting off work at the time time and are, most likely, hungry and looking to spend that newly acquired tip money. So where the hell do you go?

I have had a lot of you guys ask me on Facebook or in emails to put this question out there – so, here it is!

Hopefully there is somewhere, anywhere, serving up good, late night munchies other than your standard fast food fare. But, there’s only one way to find out, let’s discuss on Facebook…