If you are going to sneak watermelon into a movie, maybe cut it up first?


A story on three young ladies sneaking watermelon into a movie theater by pretending to be pregnant went viral this week. And while switching things up from popcorn and candy to your own healthy snacks is a solid idea (and cheaper), there are far easier ways to do it.


Here’s one: cut up the watermelon before you go, put it in a container, put the container in your purse.


See that. No need to duct tape half a melon to your belly and walk around with it like that. Nope, just delicious watermelon in smaller pieces just waiting for you to eat in a smaller container in your purse, backpack, or whatever.

It is easier, cleaner, and more efficient – but then Buzzfeed won’t pick up that story, so then what is the point, I guess.

Also, and this is important, no matter what snacks you decide to sneak into the theater: clean up after yourself…