Jason Momoa made a stop into the Coachella Valley


Actor Jason Momoa made paid a visit to the Coachella Valley on Thursday and, unlike last time he was here, it appears his visit was actually planned.

Momoa made a stop into the offices of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians in Palm Springs.   According to the tribe’s Twitter account, Momoa is in the Coachella Valley to scout locations for a movie and, just a guess here, but guessing that movie isn’t Aquaman 2…you know, because of the lack of water in the desert.

Just a guess here, but, based on the ‘ol IMDB, perhaps the film would be Dune – which would make a lot of sense.  Guess we will find out soon enough.

Not sure how long Momoa will be in town for, but maybe someone can let him know VillageFest is happening tonight because no one, not even Khal Drogo, can resist buying one of those huge bags of kettle corn.