Jeff Stone’s campaign manager resigns after posting photo with rifle on day after Orlando

(via Desert Sun)
(via Desert Sun)
(via Desert Sun)

Jeff Stone’s congressional campaign against Raul Ruiz took a hit Tuesday as campaign manager Marc Troast resigned one day after posting a photo of himself firing a combat rifle just one day after the Orlando massacre.

“We will be reorganizing the local campaign in the next few days,” Dave Gilliard, Stone’s general campaign consultant told the Desert Sun, who broke down what, exactly, the Facebook post was all about:

A former adviser to Congresswoman Mary Bono and a Trump delegate, Troast wrote Monday night alongside the photo, “Go ahead make my day.” When someone asked on Facebook whether he’d taken part in a squirt-gun contest, Troast responded, “I totally soaked that target.”

Troast did not return multiple messages Tuesday seeking comment.

The newspaper reached out to Stone for comment.  He told them he had not seen the photo and would not call back.  An hour later, an email was sent announcing Troast’s resignation.

Stone, who already lags far behind Raul Ruiz in campaign contributions, has since named Dallas Tuff as his new campaign manager.

Ruiz announced to a crowd in Palm Springs on Sunday he was going to tell the NRA to, “stop their bullshit.”