KESQ: Our Weather Team Gets Their Forecast From The Damn Rooftop!

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 4.05.23 PM

A new promo is running on The KESQ / Local 2 Media Monopoly promoting their weather team becoming one during bad weather like Megazord or something. But the most awesome thing about the commercial is that the station would have you believe Ginger and Patrick go over the forecast on a “Live Pad” on the freakin’ rooftop!

Now we all know that this is something that would never in a million years be an actual thing that happens (mostly because every weather guesser on TV gets their forecast from real scientists at The National Weather Service) – but yet, there it is for everyone to see….

h56k4Ginger and Patrick seem like nice people and putting them up on the roof just seems dangerous.  And just what are they going over on that Live Pad?  And is Ginger pointing to The Sun?

I am hoping that I am wrong and that during a rainstorm, you can drive by their studios, peak up at the rooftop, and see Patrick with a lightning rod and Ginger with a weather vane. All so you can get the same weather forecast that Siri can give you on your phone.