KMIR Will Have a Local Weather Person in 2015

scofield kmir

For the last few years, one of your “local” Palm Springs TV news outlets has been outsourcing their weather forecasts to Las Vegas – but it looks like that is about to change.

KTNV (and KMIR) weather man Bryan Scofield announced on his Facebook page that he will not be doing weather forecasts for KMIR next year:

The post (featuring an odd picture choice) reads:

Many of you know we outsource weather to KMIR-TV in Palm Desert, CA. When the economy slowed, we were asked to temporarily supply their weathercasts from here in Las Vegas…and 5 years later we are still doing it!

Now it looks like KMIR will be back on their feet enough to hire their own weather staff. So at the end of this year, we will be focused solely on KTNV weather and KMIR will have boots-on-the-ground weather people to continue the product we provided. So wish them well in 2015!

Boots-on-the-ground?  Who knew the weather was so militarized?

Of course, KMIR’s competitor KESQ / Local 2 will not be happy about this as they have been hammering away at KMIR with this promo for what seems like forever:

Not that it matters, as all Palm Springs weather people get their forecast from The National Weather service in San Diego.

So will KMIR bring in a new weather person?  Will they poach one from KESQ / Local 2 (maybe offering time to Patrick Evans to pitch his delicious sausage?)?  Will it be someone who quits to run a pot shop?  Will it be Siri as she is always the most accurate?  And will any of the players talk about this other than in a weird Facebook post out of Las Vegas?