A local guy gave $100,000 for Trump’s yuuuuge inauguration

Donald Trump’s inauguration was, and there is no questioning this, the biggest of all time. So how much did it all cost? $107 million dollars! No, seriously.  Where did all the money go?  Who knows?  My best guess is that everyone who attended got a million dollars and a hard-to-put-on poncho.  $100,000 dollars of that loot was kicked in by Indio businessman Nachhattar Chandi, reports the Desert Sun.

According to Federal Election Commission records filed on Tuesday, Chandi was the only person in the Coachella Valley to put up money for the ceremony. He confirmed Wednesday he was in Washington, D.C. for Trump’s inauguration ceremony, which he called a “peaceful transfer of power.”

“I love this country and this was how I expressed it,” Chandi said.

As a reminder, Donald Trump thinks that Palm Springs was “absolutely destroyed by windmills” and “looks like a junkyard.”