Naked Prowler Breaks Into San Diego House, Badass Dad Takes Action

Naked Man Arrested San Diego

Naked Man Arrested San Diego

A San Diego family was surprised to find a naked (and allegedly drugged up) man had broken into their house early Friday morning looking to take a shower. The nude fella was surprised to find that the dad was having none of it.

[adsanity id=13143 align=alignright /]The story, via 10 News:

At around 12:30 a.m. Friday, an intruder ripped out the air conditioning unit at a unit in the 8700 block of Jamacha Road, according to San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies. He crawled through a three-foot by three-foot hole in the wall, made his way into the bathroom and then stripped off his clothes.

With his wife and children in another room, a father who resides in the apartment told 10News he discovered the suspect naked in the bathroom. The intruder allegedly told the father he was planning to take a shower.

The bad ass dad took action, along with his brother-in-law, pinning the nude dude in the bathtub and holding him there with a knife to his throat. During the ensuing struggle, the toilet broke.

A neighbor heard the ruckus and called the authorities, telling 10 News, “Next thing I hear is, ‘I’m going to stab you if you move, so I ran out right away and called the cops.’”

Deputies arrived and arrested the naked man, who had minor injuries. The badass dad also had a slight hand injury.