Name a place you tell tourists to go in Greater Palm Springs

A date shake from Shield's Date Garden in Indio, California

Tourists, as you know, love to come to Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. Sometimes, you actually know these tourists and they look to you for advice as to where to go, what to see, and where to eat. Let’s consolidate all of our recommendations in once place, shall we.

I’ll get us started. Obviously, if you come to the desert, you have to go to Indio and get a date shake from Shield’s Date Garden and, and this is extremely important, you must drink it while watching the thrilling movie they play over and over again in their theater. This is a must. Do not skip this. Seriously.  Don’t.  Watch it.  It will change your life.

I also tell these fine tourist folks who ask to grab a taco or burrito across the street from Shield’s at Tacos Gonzalez because that place is freakin’ delicious – but, don’t you go telling your people that, because the place is small and I don’t want it to become so packed that I have to wait from now on.  Got it?  Thank you.

I have a couple more recommendations for tourists of the Coachella Valley, but I am going to hold them back for a bit, because I want to hear yours. Let’s discuss the must eat, see, and to do things for those visiting the Coachella Valley in the comments below or over on Facebook.