Nearly 200 citations have been issued to Palm Springs vacation rentals in 2017

Vacation rentals can be great for those looking to save some coin by staying at an Airbnb or those who want to make some extra cash by renting out their property. The city doesn’t mind them, so long as they make their tax money, and really, they seem to be great for everyone – well, except the full time residents who live in the neighborhood and are just trying to live their lives while those staying in vacation rentals party all night, park a million cars on the street, and act like complete assholes – because everyone loves vacation rentals, until you have to live next to one.

Some recent statistics reported by KESQ shows what a pain in the ass enforcing the rules of vacation rentals is for the city of Palm Springs.

City officials said that since Jan. 1, eight rental permits have been suspended and six are in the process of being permanently revoked.

There have been 185 citations issued for various violations and 16 citations were issued for unregistered properties, which the new ordinance states is punishable by a minimum $5,000 fine and potentially permanent ineligibility to operate a vacation rental.

However, city officials say most of the city’s 2,100 vacation rentals are operating within the rules.

And it is always comforting to know that “most” are within the rules, the same way as hearing that “most” of your neighbors are not serial killers or arsonists.

Not that any of us have to worry about it much longer – as vacation rentals have made home prices artificially high and completely unaffordable for locals to actually live in the city anymore anyway.