Now There is Video Proof that Everyone in Sun City Drives Like an A**hole

truck blast through gif

Just 2 weeks ago, the local TV featured Sun City: Shadow Hills residents furious that they were getting fined for driving like assholes.  Residents of the retirement community called the fines a “Gestapo tactic” and were touting a petition from residents to lower traffic fines.

Now, The Sun City Shadow Hills Community Association has fired back by posting a video of a bunch of jagoffs failing to stop (or for some drivers, even slow down) at stop signs in the gated community:

The video features a compilation of vehicles treating stop signs as merely a suggestion at a few different intersections from June to October, 2015.  It appears to have been filmed by Sun City enforcement officials who are kind enough to let us know when their “lights are active”.

Looking forward to KMIR’s follow up story, so we can find out what residents feel in their hearts about how their community is just one big demolition derby waiting to happen.