Oh God, Palm Springs now has a big, dumb battle over the Desert X Mirror House

(Desert X)

That mirror house thing in Palm Springs that was part of Desert X, then stayed longer than Desert X, and is still around –  which is fine because it’s pretty dope looking – is now at the center of a big, dumb battle in Palm Springs because, well, everything cool in Palm Springs ends up in a big, dumb battle.

As the Desert Sun reports, the artist behind the structure, Doug Aitken, asked the city to keep the permit open to allow the house to stay around through next Spring, but, and this is going to surprise you, residents of the area complained because of traffic and, in the words of everyone’s favorite Christmas curmudgeon, “all the noise, noise, noise.”

Now Aitken has two weeks to find a compromise or find a new place to move the house to. Meanwhile, the local newspaper is being no help at all:

Aitken has suggested limiting the number of people by using tickets (75 per day) and keeping it open just four days a week – but the city seems to be on the side of the neighborhood’s residents because, well, it’s Palm Springs – where nothing cool is allowed to ever survive.

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