Palm Springs Airbnb Squatter Says HE is the one being harassed


Alleged Palm Springs Airbnb “squatter” Maksym Pashanin would like you to know that you have him all wrong. You see, he is the one being harassed. The Daily Mail has the details:

San Bernardino County process server Sean Dacy arrived yesterday to serve Maksym with an eviction notice.

Dacy couldn’t serve the papers because he has to hand them to Maksym personally but the man answering the door claimed to be his brother.

Instead, the man complained to Dacy: ‘I can’t [take the scarf off] because these guys [the press] have been harassing me all day. I can’t even get to MY secure mailbox.’  Dacy wasn’t convinced. ‘If he’s covering his face, that’s probably him,’ he said as he walked away.

Or maybe he was just cold…on a 118 degree day?

Pashanin continues to live in the condo (rent free) despite the “harassment”.

(image via Kickstarter)