Palm Springs passes reasonable gun control laws, thus opening the door for ISIS


After all the arguing, protests, and totally-unrelated-to-the-armed-protestors new metal detectors, Palm Springs has finally passed some pretty reasonable gun control measures.

The new rules, which will begin in 30 days, via Desert Sun:

  • Lost or stolen guns will have to be reported to the police within 48 hours of when they are discovered missing or when the owner “reasonably should have known” they were missing
  • Guns and ammunition left in an unattended vehicle must be kept in a trunk or locked container
  • At home, people will have to store firearms in a locked container or disable the triggers with a trigger lock when a gun is not in the owner’s immediate possession.

And while these make sense to a great many people – sadly, as we have already learned at a previous council meeting, it was just the set of rules ISIS was waiting for.

You were warned. Now it’s probably too late.