Photos: Here’s a preview of this weekend’s Date Harvest Festival

The Date Harvest is bringing artisan food, cocktails, live entertainment, and more to the City of Coachella on Saturday. Cactus Hugs has already gone over why this looks like a festival you should might want to get excited about and we were invited to check out the festival grounds a day in advance. Here is what we saw.

The fist thing you notice is that Rancho Las Flores Park has plenty of space (so much room for activities!) and currently boasts a nice, lush field of grass.

Crews were hard at work putting things together one-day out from the fest, but, rest easy, booths like these are ready to go for you to get your drink on:

There will also be a large size bar in the middle of the fest, built from storage containers:

The Date Harvest Festival will feature a fairly large stage for the likes of Jenny and the Mexicats, Urban Renewal Project, and Jamie O’Neal:

There’s also huge tent that will be housing celebrity chefs Aarti Sequeira and Stuart O’Keefe along with Dad’s BBQ Mac & Cheese, Spicy Pie, Mason’s Den Unicorn Elote and Corn Cups, and more.

You’ll also find a row dedicated to Date Farmers, giving you a chance to grab some of their products:

The Date Harvest Festival will have an area setup for veterans as well, which is a nice thing to do – especially with it being Veteran’s Day Weekend.

Activities for the young ones include a Ferris Wheel (offering rides for free) and quite a few gigantic tractors to check out:

Tickets to the Date Harvest Festival are on-sale now.  If you buy them in advance, you save some cash.  If you wait to get them at the door, well, that’s going to cost you a few bucks more.

For info on tickets, entertainment, and more at Date Harvest Festival, check out there website here.