R.I.P. Palm Springs Biker Weekend


(Update: it is official now, Biker Weekend is cancelled)

Palm Springs Biker Weekend is doomed.

Though not official yet, The American Heat biker will almost assuredly not go on this year after PS Resorts raised safety issues and will be requesting that the event is completely canceled. Via KESQ:

But according to Aftab Dada, general manager of the Hilton Hotel in Palm Springs and member of the Palm Springs Resorts Board, PS Resorts is going to request to cancel this year’s event at Wednesday night’s city council meeting.

The group is citing safety concerns after the recent violence in Waco, Texas where gunfire between rival biker gangs outside of a Twin Peaks restaurant left 9 dead.

American Heat was canceled once before after violence erupted between rival biker gangs in 2002.

The Palm Springs City Council is set to officially vote on whether to still hold the event Wednesday night, but it is hard to see the city council voting against the interests of PS Resorts (they do love that TOT tax).

See you later Biker Weekend.