The Desert Sun’s Canadian Kiss-Ass List is Terribly Flawed

ralph canada

The Desert Sun, which I think is still a newspaper, published some sort of Buzzfeed-like thing today (complete with weird gifs!) to kiss the asses of Snow Birds (even though they are not in town to see it).

The post, “10 Things We Love About Canada”, includes things like Justin Bieber, Drake, and maple syrup (which, not for nothing…I will take delicious, Made-in-America, Vermont maple syrup over Canada’s syrup any day – but then I guess I am just more patriotic than some).

Now, this is not to say everything in Canada sucks, just the way their people drive on Highway 111 (zing!).

The Desert Sun’s list just left out some extremely important things.  For starters, I know quite a few ladies who will not be able to comprehend why a certain someone was not on The Desert Sun’s list:

gosling canadian

In fact, Buzzfeed has already covered this angle at length.

But Gosling is not the only cool thing about Canada. There is the fact that Canada legalized gay marriage 10 years earlier than The United States, women can take up to 52 weeks of maternity leave, and Canada is way more chill about smoking weed.

So Happy Canada Day Canadians…not that any of you are reading my kiss-ass message to you.