Rich Woman Leaving $1.8 Million Home to Dog, Instead of Her Sons

money dog

Bella Mia is about to be a rich bitch!

A three-year-old Maltese terrier, Bella Mia stands to inherit a Florida house worth $1.8 million when her owner Rose Ann Bolasny dies.

Bella Mia is far from the average pooch. The dog currently has an allowance to pay for weekly pedicures, trips to the groomer and shopping sprees for designer brands. That allowance is $100,000 a year (so, yeah…have fun working your job today).

Bella Mia has over 1,000 outfits, dines at 5-star restaurants, and spends a few hours each week visiting The Ronald McDonald House (because Bella Mia cares damn it!)

Bolasny spoke with The Daily Mail and said her two sons, aged 32 and 38, totally understand:

“Prior to [changing my will] I discussed having Bella Mia included in the trust fund with my sons and they totally understood. I explained to them that I know they love Bella Mia very much but I wanted to make sure if anything happened to us she was taken care of in the way that she’s used to.”

bella mia

And, yet for some reason, Obama thinks the rich aren’t paying their fair share.