Rocket Launcher Found in Desert Hot Springs Drug Bust

rocket launcher
(Riverside County Sheriff’s Department va Desert Sun)

Not surprising: cops found meth inside a Desert Hot Springs home.
Surprising: cops also found a freakin’ rocket launcher!

The Riverside County Sheriff made five arrests Thursday night at a house on Third Street. Inside the home authorities found methamphetamine, stolen electronics and jewelry, stolen guns,and an anti-tank military rocket launcher!!

The Desert Sun breaks down the arrests:

Five Desert Hot Springs residents were arrested at the scene: Sherrie Nelson, 29, on suspicion of child endangerment; Richard Nelson, 31, on suspicion of possessing meth for sale, being a felon possessing a gun and ammunition and child endangerment; Jody Laster, 38, on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a gun and probation violation; Jack Johnson, 41, on suspicion of possessing heroin and having an outstanding felony warrant and Gregory Kalayjian on suspicion of possessing meth.

All 5 suspects arrested and were taken to the Riverside County Jail in Indio.