Riverside Congressional Candidate Claims ISIS & Ebola Will Kill You Unless He Gets Your Vote

riverside mailer

Wednesday should be an amazing day in America. The elections will be over, so candidates will finally take down their shitty yard signs that are everywhere, those dumb tv commercials will stop airing, and your mailbox won’t be full of mailers that treat you like you are an idiot.

In Riverside, one of those mailers doesn’t just assume you are dumb – it also attempts to scare the holy fuck out of you.

Miliatants pointing a knife at the head of a doomed British aid worker. A coffin being carried by people in biohazards suits. “Ebola & ISIS/Coming Soon to America”!!!

And the only man who can stop it is Captain America Steve Adams (but only if you vote for him for Congress) because, well who cares…you are already terrified.

The inside of the mailer is even more stupid. “Are you scared of what you are seeing on TV and this brochure?” it reads. “NOW may be your last chance to stop this insanity! YOU MUST VOTE! Vote for real solutions and proven leadership.”
riverside mailer 2

Turns out, the only person in America qualified to stop both ISIS & Ebola from killing you is 62 year old retired cop in Riverside. Who knew?

Of course, I am sure that if Adams loses, he will spend every waking minute doing everything he can to stop this awful threat. Oh, that is right…he won’t because these mailers are all nonsensical bullshit and so are these candidates.

Seriously, fuck this guy.