Scalpers are already selling ‘Desert Trip’ tickets…and yes, they are really expensive

Tickets for ‘Desert Trip‘ – a concert featuring The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, The Who, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters, and Neil Young – go on sale this Monday. But, if you do not want to spend a few minutes on the computer trying to buy your wristbands, you can do it now by purchasing through a ticket reseller. But, it will cost you.

While passes range from $199 to $1,599 on the official website, resellers like Box Office Ticket Sales are selling general 3-day wristbands for $1,300 – nearly a grand over face value.

Meanwhile, Vivid Seats is charging far more than that – with some tickets priced at over $12,000!!

Check out some of these prices:

(screengrab: Vivid Seats)
(screengrab: Vivid Seats)

Note: this is not in any way an endorsement of greedy, dickish ticket resellers.  Do not buy anything from these people.  Also, don’t be an asshole and buy the tickets just to resell them for a profit on Craigslist – unless you are selling them to a grossly overpaid CEO, lobbyist, lawyer, stockbroker, or City Manager, in which case mark them up as much as you can.